Conference Program

11 October
  • 09:0010:00Visitors registration
  • 10:0010:10Moderator's welcome speech
  • 10:1010:35Lex Sokolin: How ICOs stand to displace traditional investment markets
    • ICO's displacement of markets for public and private investment
    • Current state of the market
    • Potential for tokens as a financial asset class

    • Controversial issues that have surrounded the ICO phenomenon

    • The regulatory landscape

  • 10:3511:00David Siegel: Token Taxonomy
    • The different types of tokens and what use they may be
    • Valuable tips on how to design your token
    • Token-based economy, and ICO
  • 11:0011:25Michael Mainelli: Post-ICOs – Pain Or Pleasure? And What’s Next?

    The sound of every popping bubble is unique, but they do sound similar.  This talk will explore:

    • what can we learn from previous bubbles?
    • regulatory, investment, and business effects
    • technology impact
    • ‘fast’ versus ‘slow’ technology and the Ivy
    • Theory of fundamental technology development
  • 11:2511:50Emad Mostaque: Token Asset Allocation & Performance
    • How to diversify token investments
    • What characteristics will attract institutional inflows 
    • What will drive token price and correlations to other assets
  • 11:5012:20Coffee break

    Networking time

    • Pre-token Sale

    - Token design & creation

    - Token sale design & creation

    - Legal review of token

    - Legal entity set up

    - Use of TokenLaunch platform

    - PR/Marketing

    - Investor road show

    • Post-token Sale Services and Support

    - Banking

    - Accounting & reporting

    - Hot wallet/cold storage

    - Token governance


    Companies that are represented in the exhibition area will make short presentations of their projects and technologies

  • 13:3514:00Eddy Travia: A new era of investments. Positive effects and challenges.
  • 14:0014:45Panel discussion: Review of prospects. Will ICO shape the future of investments? Controversial issues of token economy development.
  • 14:4515:10Gabriel Dusil: Incubating Blockchain Ideas with Crypto Communities
    • The creation of a community-based ecosystem, to fuel blockchain innovation.
    • The challenges of building a streamlined environment for creativity, and an efficient execution of successful projects that will use blockchain technology
  • 15:1015:35Philipp Mironovich: Blockchain as a future of healthcare
  • 15:3516:15Coffee break

    Networking time

  • 16:1516:40Jakob Drzazga: How to bring Real World Assets on the Blockchain.
  • 16:4017:05Adi ben-Ari: ICO regulation
    • State behaviour to ICO model.
    • Types of regulation
    • Best regulatory examples
    • Legal requirements to avoid project failure after investment round
  • 17:0517:30Oleg Kudrenko: Project consideration. How to choose a project for investing?
  • 17:5018:00Moderator’s closing speech

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