Prof. Michael Mainelli, founder of Z/Yen, will deliver a presentation at ICO Event London


On October 11, at ICO Event London, one of blockchain gurus in Europe, blockchain courses Director and Z/Yen consultancy Head Michael Mainelli will deliver a presentation.

Michael Mainelli gained several academic degrees having graduated from Trinity College Dublin and Harvard University. The expert has been Z/Yen Head since 1994. This is a huge British research, consulting and venture company one of the main focuses of which is blockchain studies as well as its influence on the financial sector.

Over 23 years, Z/Yen clients have included virtually all major investment banks, state regulators of the financial sphere as well as exchanges, insurers and representatives of different funds.

Michael Mainelli dedicated a couple of years to teaching at blockchain courses for top managers of British and international companies. The expert is sure that soon all huge organizations will look for a blockchain specialist.

Michael Mainelli is Alderman of the City of London, Emeritus Professor & Trustee at Gresham College, Fellow of Goodenough College. He has written numerous academic papers on economics, new technologies and blockchain as well as several books on economics and management.

Michael will dwell on ICO as a new FinTech phenomenon as well as a role of cryptocurrency crowdsales in the world economy.

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