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Why following your passion is the worst career advice you can get

Why following your passion is the worst career advice you can get? The answer to that question can be quite simple too. People get career advice from a lot of different sources in life. Parents and friends tend to pressure people into following careers that stink. People might have a talent or skill that can be useful to somebody else. But the program that they follow is going to be a rigorous one. A passion may not automatically translate to a guaranteed career in life. That is why people should think twice about their chosen career field. The right path can be a big step for them in time too.

The first reason is that careers might suck the life out of people. A passion or skill can quickly deteriorate in the workforce. Many people want to keep their talent to themselves these days. That explains why people will want to pursue something different. The advice that they get might not always be good either. A passion can be depleted because of a bad work environment. The project is going to be handled better if the job comes first for people. That is why sometimes it is better to save a passion for the retirement years. That is what the old people do in a good time too.

The educational path taken could also distract some people. It is tempting to switch careers when getting career advice from a leader. The leader can be convincing and that is a distraction for a lot of people today. The world is full of temptations for people and that can lead them down the wrong path in life. The career advice given is a big asset for those in the know. The world is tricky and can throw people for a loop if not careful too.

The demands for a passion or talent can be quite high. People often feel that they are sucked into a given job. They want their passion to flourish without the contamination of the modern world. Think ahead about which career to choose in real-time. That kind of foresight is often hard to find in the world. Getting career advice can be hard on a lot of people today. The world needs to be focused on what can be done these days. That is a good step in the right direction for all those involved. The smart student should save their career advice for the real world.

The cost of obtaining an education is often very high. That tuition might be better used in gaining a new skill. The world can be quite rigorous, making a passion something that people use in their free time. A new skill can broaden the job market for a lot of people. The students are free to choose their path in life these days. That is a boon to people who work in the right field. The project is well worth the right direction being taken.


Cryptocurrencies is the future now

If the lockdowns have shown us anything, it’s that the big companies and governments will try to do everything to monitor you and know what you are doing at every minute of the day. They want to know what transactions you are doing, who you’re talking with and what type of things you are using.

By things I mean the type of phone, car, even the house you’re living in. What type it is.

Are you using an iphone, a tesla, or do you have a smart house? All this is important data for the big brother because that tells them what kind of income you are making. Then they will use this data to serve you the kind of ads that will help you purchase more things.

Now that’s the positive side of things. The negative side of things are things like the government knowing EXACTLY what you’re doing at what time. If you’ve been in a protest, maybe they can track you and try to harass you.

Maybe they will try to follow you through your social media profile and use different types of tactics to discourage you from going to a protest if it’s about something they don’t necessarily agree with.

Not just that, they could also use facial recognition to match your online social media profiles with your driving license or social security number and see how you are doing there.

There’s a TON of things they can do.

And that’s why you want to make sure that the most important aspect of your life is secure – money.

You want to make sure that only you and the person you are transacting with are the people who know what’s going on. You don’t want any third party knowing exactly what you’re doing because as I said above, they could use that info to take advantage of you.